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Operational Improvement

Our programs aggressively identify, attack and resolve the following operational problems:

  • Food & Liquor cost:
    Many restaurant, bar and nightclub owners and operators feel that they have the proper food cost and liquor cost controls in place. Food and liquor cost management and control is a science that will produce material cost reductions. It is common for our clients to see a significant reduction in these costs. We utilize best practices to insure that you have a full and ongoing understanding and implementation of theoretical versus actual food and liquor costs.
  • Labor and Productivity:
    We are productivity and efficiency experts. Effective labor planning and management will make a significant incremental and recurring increase to your bottom line. We plan labor requirements and monitor every classification you employ to insure maximum benefit. We have developed successful proprietary analysis to root out any labor inefficiencies and implement more cost effective manning solutions. In fact our labor and productivity programs have been successfully implemented in the retail and the manufacturing industries as well.
  • Human Resources:
    The Human Resource function can often be the most misunderstood area of you operation. We evaluate, mentor you and implement best practices that will enable you to improve employee relations and productivity.
  • Sales Generation:
    Any changes to sales patterns must be monitored closely and consistently. Whether it is sales deterioration, sales mix changes, a decrease in the revenue per cover or a host of other possibilities. We address the problem and create effective marketing solutions. Sales promotions must be planned and monitored closely. We work closely with our clients to develop the appropriate sales programs, higher yield menu planning and marketing and advertising strategies. We insure that efficient systems to monitor your progress are implemented.