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Free Consultation

Our Fees

We have a number of programs designed to meet the budgetary and operational needs of our clients.


This program allows for a specified number of hours of dedicated time including:

  • Comprehensive client interview
  • Review of Financial & Operations Reports and Materials
  • Review of Procedures, Menu, Service Practices
  • Identification of Problems
  • Generation of a customized Action Plan to correct problems

This is an economical and efficient program. This is conducted via video conferences or telephone. This provides immediate live one on one focus to your needs and issues. This program will put you in a position for immediate change and improvement

2. On-Site Visitation

This is a full three-day visit to assess the client location, we will fully assess all aspects of the clients operation including: Management and employee interviews, full financial, operations and systems analysis. Full confirmation and identification of problem areas and the generation of a detailed action plan to correct problems.

3. Customized Advisory Services

Our clients originate from a wide spectrum of cultures, businesses and diverse venues. We often customize an advisory program to meet a client’s specific needs, timing and budgetary sensitivities.