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Welcome to Precision Hospitality

Precision Hospitality is a leading national hospitality advisory firm. We service the Restaurant, Bar, and all segments of the Food Service industry. We have been creating, improving, saving and growing Hospitality businesses around the world for over twenty-five years. Whether you are a local neighborhood business or an enterprise with operations in multiple cities…our experience and real life solutions will work for you.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Turn Around Specialists
  • Restaurant Start-ups
  • Bar Start-ups
  • Operational Improvements
  • Expansion and Growth
  • Multi-unit Operations
  • Mentoring our Clients through owning a Restaurant

We as restaurant consultants are known for the results we produce. Our FOCUS is very clear: YOU. We focus on you, your business and your future with PRECISION. Our mission is to solve and prevent Restaurant and Bar problems quickly, efficiently, confidentially and with lasting results. We have zero tolerance with “flash in the pan” results. We only take on clients who are as committed as we are..

We know what it takes and the transformation is a partnership between our process of material change and your determination to have a successful business. Your investment and hard work must translate into profit and equity on a recurring and growing basis. You deserve nothing short of that. When most people think of opening a restaurant, they gravitate towards us.

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  • Our group owns a number of boutique hotels in Puerto Rico. We were having substantial food and liquor sales and cost problems. The problems were too out of control for our managers to handle. Precision Hospitality immediately assessed the situation, identified the people and process problems and implemented solutions which became an important part of our hourly and daily service.

    MG, Isla Verde, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • “I have owned 3 high volume bars in Manhattan for nearly 30 years. I finally gave in and realized that I needed help. PHA came in, did their thing, added food service at two of my locations and tripled profits. I left a lot of money on the table over the years. PHA is a self-funding high return investment”.

    DM, New York, New York
  • “We are excellent at training single unit operators to be among the best in the industry. Many of our franchisees become multi-unit operators and struggle with numerous locations. Your assistance and expertise filled this void perfectly. You informed all of the reality of change and succeeding with multiple locations”.

    Burger King HDQ, Miami, FL
  • “I over invested and spent $1,200,000 to get my bar and grille open. I over spent as I did not have the knowledge and experience with this. Our facility looked great, but we failed to address any of the sales, menu or cost control programs. After three years of operating without a profit we hired Precision Hospitality to put us on the right path. They did their job and we are cash flow positive and very grateful”.

    RM, Connecticut
  • “Your takeover of and turnaround on our restaurants have saved many of our hotel locations. Thank you.

    Henry Silverman, Investor and former President of Days Inn Hotels
  • “Our over 100-year-old restaurant had deteriorated in every way. Our customers had left us, our food liquor and labor costs were beyond control and my bank accounts were empty. You came in, brought hope for our staff and helped me take control again. Your experience and the calmness you exhibited brought immediate relief. From negotiating with vendors to reducing the food and liquor cost, you gave my family an opportunity to gain control and get back to a normal life.”

    SV, Vermont
  • “You have been a significant part of our restaurant, bar and retail growth nationwide. No matter what the challenge, you took it on and excelled. Many thanks to your tireless efforts and dedication to excellence.”

    WM, Senior Vice-President, American Airlines, Sky Chefs
  • My wife and I had always wanted to own a restaurant. We had almost no experience and very little capital. PHA was able to negotiate a great lease, train us on the needed procedures, coordinate the hiring of our team and insure that we had a budget in place to follow”.

    SZ, Houston, Texas
  • “Our dream of owning a restaurant quickly became a nightmare. We were not experienced or equipped to handle everything that was required to make money. We should have used Precision Hospitality to educate and train us in the necessary areas before we opened. They quickly assessed our problems and came up with quick and effective solutions. They told us that they were available 24/7 and we took advantage of this many times”.

    JS, San Francisco, California
  • “Many thanks….. You were instrumental in developing and implementing very effective revenue forecasting and operating cost control procedures. It helped our multi-unit objectives in a big way”.

    Reuben Mattus,Founder of the Haagen-Dazs ice cream business
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