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One of our core strengths is hospitality turnarounds. This particularly enables us to establish successful start-ups because we are experts on what can go wrong.

Whether you are opening a new steakhouse in your hometown or a nightclub an ocean away, there are many unknowns and surprises to contend with. Our Start-up Practice will assist and mentor you in maximizing your chances of success with your new venture. We are there for and with you through the entire start-up process. Our program encompasses:

  • Concept development & review
  • Market research
  • Location selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Menu planning & analysis
  • Marketing plan development
  • Food, liquor and labor costs controls
  • Marketing plan development
  • Business plans
  • Break-even & sensitivity analysis
  • Implement proprietary cash flow program
  • Implement proprietary productivity program
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Operating procedures
  • Ongoing mentoring support
  • Bar start-up
  • Restaurant start-up

We can assist you in evaluating all of the potential challenges, pitfalls and opportunities. We are the objective and experienced voice that will tell you what you need to hear and consider prior to making the decision to move forward. Meetings and presentations with potential partners, investors and financing sources can be conducted with heightened levels of professionalism, thoroughness and confidence. We speak the language of your bank, investors, partners and customers.

This program enables the investors to move forward with a blue print for planning and executing their plan with a maximum level of confidence for success and an acceptable level of risk and financial return.